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The gut is our friend, not a distant foe, one we must nourish in order to get the glow.”


This Beauty Chef is cooking up new health perceptions.


‘Beauty comes from within‘ our mothers, brothers and sisters coined the phrase to rid us of any self doubt we adopted. It is the token line we know all too well. As cliche as it may be, is it this way for a reason?

Unfolding now, is a new seam of obtaining ‘beauty.’ With splendour around the gut being distinctly connected to the many facets of our body, through cult books of ‘The Mind Gut Connection’ and ‘Gut,’ rendering internal nourishment seems to be of priority for overall health and wellbeing.

Aesthetically retouching the external side of our bodies is no recent form of behaviour, (just research about the ancient Romans and their Bath houses) it is ingrained with what we know. Though there is a faint line we must be weary of – the line between grooming ourselves and falsifying beauty standards against what we think we should be.

In favour of internal nourishment is founder and creative director of The Beauty Chef, Carla Oates. With a background in naturopathy, along with working close to microbiologists, she was inspired to formulate a range of products that pioneers an alternative route to nourish the skin. You guessed it – via the gut. With our extremely complex body systems, lapped up cosmetic therapy will not always fasten quality outcomes. Through her bespoke health range, we see that feeding your gut is essentially feeding your skin.

For Carla, beauty is ‘being the best you can be,’ meaning we already have exactly what we need, in that we should cherish what we’ve got, not seeking that which we don’t.

Our product pick is the Glow Inner Beauty Powder. Deliciously berry-like, it can be added to smoothies, water or yoghurt. Specially-crafted, this formula has bio-fermented probiotic superfoods, to foster gut health in supporting collagen, luminosity and clarity.

When we talk about beauty, what we’re really talking about is health. By cultivating wellbeing as a foundational premise over quick fixes and cover-ups, we can begin to open up a spectrum of endless possibilities for growth and renewal. 

To see more of The Beauty Chef’s range click here.

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