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Removing the unnecessary. Introducing Sans ceuticals, the specialists optimising skin and hair care.


Such talk is spiralling; on the news and with friends chattering about the recent ban of plastic micro beads in the UK we are more curious about ingredients than ever. With well-known skin care brands we thought we trusted, we are now seeking other insights. A global health report by Nielsen reveals that we are increasingly health conscious and in light of this awareness, we hone in on what we are topically applying to our bodies.

Simple and effective come to mind when we came across health and sustainability advocates, Sans ceuticals. Hailing from New Zealand, the brand exhibit pure and active ingredients into an every day beauty regime. “I want to use products that are natural, environmentally responsible and sustainable—but they also have to perform and be effective” says founder, Lucy Vincent.

With a collection spanning for the hair, skin and body, Sans ceuticals cut the unessential. Being inspired through the solutions of their name Sans; Seasonal, Active, Natural and Sustainable. Along with the French word for Sans meaning ‘without’ or ‘absent’ gives us a glimpse into their no-harm policy.

What is perhaps more intriguing is their relation to season. Being acutely aware that whilst we try to be consistent with our routine throughout the year, seasons challenge us to be malleable; increased moisture in summer, exfoliation in autumn and repair winter.

Our favourite pick is The Miracle Oil. A hair and face oil that resembles liquid gold (in our eyes). Being applicable to the whole body, this nourishing blend will keep you hydrated all year round. 

Try a tailored beauty experience to meet your needs and complete the personal prescription here.

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