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With 2019 approaching, it is a time to reflect, reminisce and conjure for the New Year beckoning. Sunday Lane and their zodiac pieces stimulate empowerment, spirit and strength.


Interview | Rachel Cove with Caitlyn Founder of Sunday Lane

Why did you feel the need to start the brand?

I’ve always had such high expectations for my life. Every single job I’ve ever had I push myself, I come in early, stay late, and I always end up in management. That is just who I am. I don’t see the point on living every day without passion or excitement. I always wanted to be doing something that was special. And I am a strong believer in things feeling right, if I don’t have butterflies it is probably not for me. Sunday Lane gives me all of that.

I had known for months that I was planning on launching my own business but I didn’t have a name. It was so important for me to have something with unlimited potential because in my previous jobs I had always dreamt about the possibilities but it was never really my place to follow them. One day I was walking and I found the most beautiful street lined with old renovated Queenslanders and when I got to the end, it was called Sunday Street. I actually got goosebumps and called my fiance, Matthew straight away and said ‘Sunday Lane… that’s the name! It’s perfect’. And it’s been the most dreamy adventure for me ever since.

These words move beyond the meaning of star signs, rather inspiring affirmation as a persistent and inspirational practice we all need a little more of.

Where do you mainly draw your inspiration from?

Specifically, the Zodiac Women came about because I wanted to create something to remind myself of who I am. I had always dealt with insecurities (as almost all women do) and I think at the time I needed to turn any of my self doubts about my personality or who I was in comparison to every body else into positives. It started as quite a personal project that I ended up sharing on my own social media. I didn’t expect that it would impact hundreds, now thousands of women.

What do you find most fulfilling?

I get so emotional when I think about someone reading my writing and feeling moved enough to share it, or even purchase. I remember the very first person to reach out to me and say how much it empowered them, how it made them feel and that they had been struggling but it was exactly what they needed. I don’t think I had ever felt like something I created had made such an important

I am such a feminist, all about women supporting women, not just in business but in life. I also think it’s important to step back from life and take a moment to appreciate yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, sometimes they can be your greatest asset. Through Sunday Lane, I have experienced an incredible amount of lady love that I want to grow so hopefully it can reach more people and move them too.

Star Signs are controversial to some, so what is it about them that you find meaningful?

I think that is just the serendipity of how my journey started. I am working on some other collections that aren’t limited to zodiacs but follow the same genre of inspiring someone to feel empowered in who they are. I’ve always followed my own star sign and felt like they helped to guide me, I was always so shocked by how accurate they were. I think there is something so dreamy and magical about them that can’t be explained, kind of a metaphor for women.

And of course, what is your sign? Oh, and I am a proud Sagittarius baby! 

Shop Zodiac Woman here and Zodiac Men here. 

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