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Seeking beauty amongst a chaotic world. Here to enlighten, we introduce to you Kiana Neethling.


She’s a pure soul. Home for her is South Africa, though we caught up with Kiana in Berlin, her ‘second’ home. To set the seen, we were in an Organic Juicery in Berlin’s trendy suburb of Mitte. At the time, Kiana had a shaven head, an infectious smile and some starry eyes to match. We couldn’t help but be intrigued. Blissful to answer our curious questions, Kiana shared that she had just returned from a lengthy five month trip in India. Being eager to delve into the discipline of Yoga, she packed up solo and didn’t look back. Though it wasn’t easy mentally, “I really had to go inside myself.” 

Born to be of the arts, Kiana adopts painting and writing under her wing of talents. Though with each, a sincere vulnerability is exposed. ‘Courageous’ comes to mind when we began listening to Kiana. Having shaved her head over a year ago now, for the purpose of saying farewell to the past was an obvious indicator that her concern lies within creating a realm through the present notion of time. She rids her mind of the outcomes from both past and future. It’s as if the act of surrendering to the now offered her a surreal sense of contentment.

Adapting her foundational skills in yoga to free flowing dance, Kiana is immensely in touch with her own body. When emotion arises, she faces it front on, swaying it out. Kiana asks us to look into ourselves, a little deeper than what we usually would. To be silent and see what arises is often where we find truth. Being so conditioned of the daily dues that beg of our undivided attention, when do we get the chance to mindfully act on the feelings, tasks or moments at hand?

If we can haul any bit of inspiration away from Kiana it is – don’t fight it (whatever it may be), but rather flow with it. More often than not, we can’t change situations. Sit with the stir, breathe through the pain and dance with the emotion. But most importantly, be proud of yourself for doing just that, and nothing else.

To be further inspired, see her page here @kiananeethling

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