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With her New York Times Best Seller, Milk and Honey, commonly recognised as, ‘The Instagram Poet’, releases her second book, The Sun and Her Flowers. 


She found a home in the big wide world of words. Rupi Kaur, born in India, later moving to Canada, is a book worm at heart, finding expression through prose, poetry and verses.

Dedicated to the human condition, her subject matter speaks to us in a way we are familiar with. Truth. At a time where influencers are speaking out more than ever, Rupi’s work perpetuates us to reach out, heal and query the experiences we endure, not hide them. Her work underpins the power of sharing.

The themes of her latest book delve into the falling; the wilting, the blooming and the rising, reminiscent through the seasons of a flower. Emotional empowerment is at the forefront of her intention whilst publishing a book, was not. Though, scoring fans around the globe hasn’t been an issue, as the engine of her success lies with Instagram, as she currently sits at 2.5 million followers. It’s no surprise her books are received so well.

Her pages are a point of inspirational reference. Giving it a home amongst a bag or bookshelf, you’ll know its a collection of words that might just give you what you need to start/end the day.  

Take a read yourself, purchase here

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