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Find your in-between. Amongst the chaos and the bliss, where the creativity lies. A zone to immerse yourself in, the paradox of reality and idealism. We introduce to you the Californian based, ‘Real Fun, Wow’ creator, Daren Thomas Magee.


Tell us a little about yourself, can you share a bit about your background?

After many years of floating through space on this spinning rock trying to find my place, I finally decided to have a real go at art as a profession. My background as an artist is quite organic. I am self taught in all that I do. Through various learning platforms and a lot of googling I have developed, defined and refined my style.

By just putting my work out in the world I have been lucky enough to receive feedback as to what works and what doesn’t and taken that into account with what I create. I always aim to create work that resonates with as many people as possible. By incorporating universal themes in my work I find that many of us, as humans, are drawn to the most basic elements of our existence on this planet.


“By incorporating universal themes in my work I find that many of us, as humans, are drawn to the most basic elements of our existence on this planet.”


How does your surrounding influence you?

My surroundings influence me quite heavily. I think that nature is perfect and all I need to do is try to emulate it as closely as possible. From the lines that are formed in the creation of mountains to the ever changing nature of water there is no shortage of inspiration from all the things that surround us.

Tell us about your artistic influences?

Nature is my greatest influence. Nature is without ego and from that place pure creation is born. I find much influence from the stillness of plants and indiscriminate nature of weather over time. The colors that are born from the earth are my favorite palette to draw from. The fragility of our human existence is such a powerful source of inspiration as well. We live in this great mystery and as we try to make sense of it we can often times find it more confounding than illuminating and I take great comfort in that. The mystery begets creativity.

What is your creative process?

My creative process begins with a blank canvas. The nothingness of a clear page is intimidatingly motivating. Knowing that every line I add to a canvas is going to eventually yield a unique creation is my favorite place to be. Right in the thick of creation.

What materials do you typically work with?

Since my first child was born this year (’18) I have switched almost entirely to digital. Having a child makes you divide the pie of time up differently. With that in mind, I was forced to find a way to allow me to create at rate that matched my creative output. So having the digital means to create my work has allowed me to keep up with the ideas in my mind and put them out into the world. As my child grows and I have a little more time on my side, I look forward to making my way back to analog mediums.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s so easy to get caught up with all the trappings that come from being a human in these modern times. There is always going to be road blocks in life and you can spend too much time and energy getting stuck behind them. Instead I have found methods for working my way around them.

Your advice to other artists?

Never stop creating. Don’t let your creative flow get stagnant. Even if you have to create some less than ideal work, it’s important that that gets worked through to get to the work you’re truly proud of! Also, on the business side of things, have systems in place. Know your value and stick to it. Don’t ever let anyone question your worth or value. And, so importantly, pay your quarterly taxes! That shit is killer if you let it slip by!

Where to now, creatively?

I don’t think I have a good answer to that. I am so in the flow and in the moment right now that I don’t have the gift of insight as to where I am headed next, creatively. I am just taking it day by day at this point. From the wise words of my wife, only this moment is real!

Spirituality is…The recognition that we are here for reasons beyond our comprehension and that should humble you.

My rituals are… Creation in every form. Having the ability to create original thoughts and ideas is the greatest gift we have and I don’t take that for granted.

I believe in… Compassion, for others, but more importantly for ourselves. If we can forgive ourselves, we can forgive others.

My star sign is… Taurus 

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