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Get the glow. Luminous skin with nutritive solutions from Maryse Beauty.


“Don’t over do it,” says Maryse O’Donnell, founder of Maryse Beauty, cultivating plant-based formulas from some of New Zealand’s richest and native sources. These bundles are packed with phytonutrients and rid of any harsh chemicals. Read on to see our exclusive interview and why this bespoke beauty brand deserves a place within your skincare regime.

What does skin care mean to you?

To care for and nourish the skin using ingredients packed with minerals and plant nutrients. My aim is to help boost and maintain healthy skin without the use of unessecary chemicals.

Tell us about Maryse beauty?

After being in the beauty industry for a long time I had worked with so many skincare brands but felt there was a lack of really effective natural and organic products out there, so I decided to develop a collection myself using highly concentrated, botanical ingredients. I feel there is a shift away from mass market beauty and a move towards more honest, bespoke and handcrafted products. We formulate and produce everything in our studio in Auckland.

Why do you think the ‘Paired-back approach‘ is so important?

I have used many products over the years but I have found by paring back my skincare regime and using only specific ingredients help to maintain and nourish my skin works best.  My approach is minimal but using only that of highly concentrated ingredients.

What do you think are some common mistakes when approaching skin care?

Using too many products and over-doing it!

What are your tips for glowing/healthy skin? 

I would suggest using pure, plant-based skincare. Not only because they are free from toxic ingredients but because they are far more nutrient rich and beneficial for the skin

What are the key factors that predominantly effect our skin?

Environmental / seasonal change along with internal stress. These seem to be the main ones that impact our skin. 

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