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“Our constant queries lead us into new spaces. ”



Our top 4 chosen podcast streams that will add a fruitful spark to not only your day, but your life. Listen on. 


‘The important thing is to not stop questioning…’ said Albert Einstein. Curiosity, the tool that aided man to evolve is at the forefront of why we know what we know. Luckily for us, we thrive in a generation where copious information channels are easily accessible. And with the busy lives we lead, a new found love of podcasts equips us digitally savvy nomads with the exercise our mind needs. When a book won’t make the cut, here are the podcasts to turn to.

1. Philosophize This! 

Thought provoking and rich. Stephen West skims the unnecessary, getting concise about some of the rather heavy topics of philosophy. He rapidly draws in new ideas and relates these theories to the modern world. It’s the perfect listen to deepen your understanding in the big wide and sometimes confusing, world of philosophy.

Must listen: The Frankfurt School Pt. 3 -The Culture Industry

2. The Robcast  

Rob Bell is a Spiritual Leader who discusses humanity on a progressive level. He so eloquently delves into what it means to be human; touching on forgiveness, the ego, hope and pain. Having a background as a Christian church pastor, later moving to a new-found way of looking at spirituality and ‘God’, he is a controversial figure; though no doubt a talented communicator.  His seamless storytelling and optimistic tone does not go astray. It’s likely you will be hooked on his series.

Must listen: What to do with your ambition

3. The Liturgists 

They dig deep, real deep. The liturgists dive head first into subjects of psychology; spirituality, racism and sexuality. What is so unique about the liturgists and their work, is that they view it as art – the art of discussion; epitomised in a way to discern topics through science, art and faith. Their unprejudiced approach to such subjective matters, makes the listen so enthralling that you’ll be contemplating ideas long after you’ve heard them. What could be better than that?

Must listen: Embodiment

4. The Minimalists

They aren’t continually Apple’s #1 Health Podcast for no reason. You know them. We know them and it’s because the Minimalists have defined themselves as purists. They speak of a life we wish to aspire to. It’s always an intriguing discussion about how approaching life with less, somehow becomes more meaningful. They give practical advice on removing the clutter and demystifying the nonsense we so often accumulate.

Must listen: Overwhelm

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