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Does too much possibility inflict our choice of authentic, personal style? Stay true with Paris Georgia.


Fields of abundance is the world we now inhabit. With mass production and generic design clouding our visual scopes and fiddling with our imagination, there is a lost space. A space where we dress truly, freely and authentically for ourselves.

There is a lot to be said about why we choose certain brands. For the most part trends; reputation, loyalty and celebrities are key components. With such a breadth of options, we can’t help but ruminate over brand selection. Consumer psychologist, Kit Yarrow, believes that when choosing labels or pieces, there is an overlap of misconception between who we are, and who we want to be.

Remaining true and giving each patron a voice of their own, Co- founders; Paris Mitchell and Georgia Cherrie of Paris Georgia curate pieces to inspire, remaining unhinged from cliche design. With their deep understanding of the modern woman, their foundational basics build a wardrobe for personal style. Being aesthetically understated, simple and versatile, these are garments to be layered and transformed from day to night. 

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“Exceptional pieces where consciousness prevails over mass production and generic design.”

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