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Loosen the pace with an archipelago where dreams radiate. See our Destination Editor’s quick tips for Fiji.


It’s time to shake off those hyperactive jitters from life at home. Take your pick. The two main islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Or, go rogue and choose from the other nine-hundred inlets. Either way, you’ll be winding down.


Swim. It runs as the routined daily activity. There are boundless waters to be floated amongst and snorkelled through. Markets are abundant with local and artisan crafts. Your co-workers will be thrilled with their Fiji bracelet you hand them while they peruse your golden tan. Be sure to see what all of the fun is about with Kava. The national drink in its earthy aromas will give you a euphoric buzz.


With either Matamanoa Islands seductive tranquility or Malolo Islands Likuliku Lagoon Resort (boasting of the country’s only over-water bungalows), you’ll be blissfully rested.




Amongst the visually dreamy palette, what remains in our memories is the charming, kindhearted spirit of the locals. It is this that endures through the post-holiday blues upon return. 

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