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Underneath it all. Photographer Nicole Corbett captures Ilana, unveiling her whimsy nature – she bares the intimate and the honest.



“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

– Oscar Wilde


Photographer: Nicole Corbett @nicolecorbettphoto

Stylist: Amy Wanderlove @amywanderlove,

Model: Ilana Davies @ The Mgmt,

Makeup/Hair Artist: Bradwyn Jones @ Union Management using Moroccan Oil + MAC Cosmetics

Wardrobe Credits in order; 

Kate Sylvester Bra, Aimee-Cherie Shorts, Lonely Briefs (worn underneath) Mohsmi from Sir Boutique necklace, Socc Socks.

Kate Ford Bras x 2, Lonely Trousers, Lonely Briefs (worn underneath), Mohsmi from Sir Boutique earrings, Socc Socks.

Kate Ford Bra, Reliquia Rings, JY Jewels from Sir Boutique Necklaces worn on hands, Mohsmi from Sir Boutique Earrings.

Christie Nicole Bra, Lonely Briefs, Temple of the Sun Necklaces x 2, James and Irisa Necklace.

Nico Bra, Lonely Briefs, Reliquia Earrings.

Aimee-Cherie Romper, Nico Bodysuit (worn underneath), Mohsmi Earrings from Sir Boutique.

Lonely Cami, Lonely Bra (worn underneath), Nico Briefs, Reliquia Necklace, Mohsmi from Sir Boutique earrings, Socc Socks.


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