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Boutique accomodation, The Whitehouse nestled in Daylesford flirts with our European fantasies.


A place that feels familiar. With bursts of colour, brimming of history and art, Daylesford Victoria is best known for its natural mineral baths, streetscapes lined with boutiques and vineyards of wineries. It is by definition the most splendid weekend getaway. An hours drive North West of Melbourne CBD, is where you’ll come into contact with this somewhat secretive location.


With a French flair, The White House is designed by Lynda Gardener through a classically chic aesthetic. From linen;  toile wallpaper, to 1930’s leather decor, the mood is heavily vintage-inspired with a fresh modern edge. It’s industrial elements cohabit a neoclassical tone, with textures of wood, metal and white splashed backgrounds, you begin resonate within its country-home experience.


Wander around the historic village as it lacks the cities skyscrapers and manic metro lines. And if you happen to be here on a Sunday, be sure to visit bakery RedBeard, with its awe-worthy sourdough bread, baked traditionally in a masonry oven, its a time warp – 19th century style.

Interested in art? Grace your way through the Convent Gallery. Home to award-winning pieces boasting of textiles, sculptures and fine art of many contemporary styles.

Up for something more adventurous? Revamp your usual epsom salt bath sessions at The Hepburn Springs. Using traditional bathing techniques you can indulge in its therapeutic benefits through rich absorption of magnesium. The Hepburn springs allows you to explore this ancient therapy, along with their rather modern addition, the steam room. Though, if you’d prefer a more private experience, booking into The Spa is available along with other self-pampering treatments.

Geological architecture take your fancy? Well, pack a picnic and head to the Hanging Rock. A bizarre set of perched boulders that will keep your eyes fascinated whilst you sip pleasant, pleasant wine from the local region. The rock itself dates back 6 million years whilst the reserve is home to almost one hundred native plants and over forty Fauna species, who doesn’t love a bit of nature? 

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