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“A sanctuary; composed of strong lines and structure, offset with soft interiors.”


Modern, minimal and mid-century styled. This place feels like home. Omitting an idle and uncurbed way of living, welcome to Chania and its Casa Cook delight. 


Nestled amongst the timeworn city of the cretan coast, Chania is where this outlet of Casa Cook lies. Thomas Cook, the tour operators behind the spirit of the hotels began journeying through some of Europe’s finest locations to set their living, breathing designs a-stage. With another two hotels set up in Greeces’ Kos and Rhodes, along with a fourth opening up at Croatia’s, Brela in 2019, the workings behind this powerhouse make it a rare stay their visitors tend not to forget.

The approach is bohême luxury. With bare concrete walls, natural fibres from linen to rugs and sleek, stand-alone decor, the theme is inarguably well thought out. Paired with sourced materials of oak, cane and brushed brass, they are a mixed set of textures happily to coexist. To match this Mediterranean climate, the place simply feels warm.

Casa Cook fixes the commercial holiday dilemma; the one that occurs between the oftentimes clinical aesthetic of typically ran, chain hotels. They have mastered ambiance and mood, giving each room a personal touch. Good design is of functionality and this haven offers adult [and] kid friendly facilities. With these premium suites and their incorporation of naturalistic components, they are a domain that facilitate guests to unwind from those long, hard days at the beach.

The myriad of terrain and rich history to peruse in its surroundings allows you to exult in Chania’s best kept glories. From The Samarian Gorge, to the ancient intrigue of the Knossos Palace, this island is brimming with charm and cultural specialty. Casa Cooks simplicity for home-base and Chania’s local influence are a seamless match for your next European flee. 

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